October 4th, 2021


Preparing for Love

It's International Love Your Book Shop Day next Saturday and I'll be there at my local book shop, Books@Stones at Stones Corner in Brisbane signing books!

Because I'm all about love, I'll be having some cute little calico bags full of medieval love goodies, FREE with every copy of the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women sold, guaranteed to light those flames of desire, medieval-style!

So... what's in the bags?

It wouldn't be a secret surprise, if I told you!


Small excitements!

Best selling!
Best selling!

It's a small achievement, I know, to make the top of a category on AmazonAU and it changes all the time, but I was extremely beyond excited to see that my book had made it all the way to the top of one of the categories!

I feel like it's definitely a weird category to put my book in (books go in multiple categories for easier searching) but looking at the book next to me, it seems to be where quite a few history-type books go too!

This has completely made my day!