June 3rd, 2021


Author Interview

The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women by Rosalie Gilbert
The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women by Rosalie Gilbert

This week I had the honour of having an interview with NFReads go live.

NFReads posts  articles by and interviews with guests ranging  from best-selling  authors and award-winning filmmakers to leading  professors, scientists,  politicians and more! 

Their site covers interviews with  both fiction and nonfiction  authors across a wide variety of  backgrounds, genres and writing  experience – from a Pennsylvania state  representative who debuted with  mental health-themed science fiction, to  a former NASA space missions  spokeswoman with over 25 children’s  educational books, to a UK  politician-turned-thriller-writer with 330  million book sales to his  name.

I'm always incredibly excited to take the opportunity to  chat about medieval things and my book, so I was delighted to answer  some probing questions from the NFReads team. There's  nothing like answering questions to make oneself take a good, hard look  inwards.  Many people are interested in the writing process, why one  writes and what one finds hard about it.

Personally, I find  hardships come in many forms. The wrong font on a keyboard. My kitty  nagging to go outside and frolic in the sunshine when I want to write  things down before I get distracted and forget what I was about to say.  Lack of cheese for afternoon nachos. 

I understand other people  may have more creative issues to discuss, but for me, if the little  things aren't working out, then the bigger ones certainly don't either.  In fact, the little issues become the bigger issues. 

For those of a curious nature about the big issues and the little issues which became big issues, read on!

Author Interview: Rosalie Gilbert with Non Fiction Reads 3rd June, 2021

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