February 11th, 2021


When you have awesome friends...

I'm so grateful that I have the most awesome friends in the world! My friends have been helping me out with bookish things and I just couldn't believe my luck when I heard that Esquire Anthony Wright (not his real name) from Companie Draco Routiere was armouring up for the book signing on Saturday.

I'm so excited that he's prepared to brave the heat to help lure people into the book shop that I've asked him to draw the winner of this giveaway as well!

I'm hoping he gets a bit of attention. His good Lady and I will be in medieval clothes and have a few medieval things on our table and may have sewing to do as well, and I'm advertised as being available for chat and questions, so hopefully it will be quite a merry little time.

This will be far more fun than being stuck behind a table with a pile of books!


Achievement unlock'd

Reproduction Baden Baden Belt fittings
Reproduction Baden Baden Belt fittings

I got the belt mounts attached in time to wear the belt for this coming weekend. I'm so excited! This will be the first time I've worn the outfit completely finished and with the new belt.

The original Baden Baden Belt has alternating lions between the letter As, but I'm keeping it simple with just the enameled buckle and chape and enameled mounts.

I'll be doing a How I Did It post for those on Facebook who are asking. I must confess that it didn't go at all according to plan, and my ideas for attaching needed to be re-thought. 

Baden Baden Belt buckle and chape set and mounts on a silk tablet woven girdle
Baden Baden Belt buckle and chape set and mounts on a silk tablet woven girdle

In the end, it all came together well and I'm looking forward to sharing photos with the people who made the castings, Gothic Cast Accessories and the Mervi Pasanen, from Swan River Crafts who made the tablet woven silk belt.