January 25th, 2021


Valentine's Book Giveaway

Stay tuned, lovers of medieval books! It's Valentine's day is just  around the corner, and what better than to celebrate with something sexy  for the single ladies? As a single lady with a pretty kitty (not a euphemism), I'll be running a great new competition!

Keep  your eyes peeled. I'll be posting details here, but the competition  itself will be running on the Rosalie's Medieval Woman facebook page in  the week before V-Day itself.


Live Journal V Dreamwidth

Showdown time. I've discovered the really big drawback to Dreamwidth. Photos must be linked to something already on the web which has a URL that can be copied. I attempted a copy from Instagram and it wouldn't let me select just the image, so to get around that issues, I'm going to have to cross post after all.

The option is to abandon that one there and return here.

BUT... ads for random people reading who don't have an account... and I do want to post more behind the scenes thoughts (like this post) which is of absolutely no interest to the Book-following Rest Of The World.  I'd like to share (or over-share) with my Kitchen Table (everyone who bothers to read this are now dubbed The Kitchen Table, sort of like a Round Table, but for gossip and thoughts and ideas and trials and tribulations), so with that in mind...

Everything will go here, then I can link the picture URL to the Official Book Blog which then goes to the RSS feeds of the Amazon Author Page and the Goodreads page too.

At this point I have a free account over there, so perhaps that changes with a paid account, which I'll probably get anyway (to support the open source people who lovingly don't permit ads).