November 17th, 2020


It's Medieval Bingo Time! Good Girls V Bad Girls! Which one are you?

We know that our intimate lives today are complicated, but there is significantly less stigma attached to sexual orientation and bedroom practices than in the Middle Ages.

The rules which governed what a good medieval woman should do and should not do was clearly and frequently mentioned to her- from family, friends, society and the pulpit. There was a long list of protocol and etiquette to observe if a woman wished to keep her virtue and reputation, and unlike today, these things were paramount.

Naming and shaming was quite definitely not something which could be easily shrugged off. It hurts today, but it could literally ruin your life back then.

For a little light entertainment, I've compiled a helpful pair of Medieval Sex Bingo Cards for the modern woman to avail herself, so she might learn whether, by medieval standards, she is a Good Woman or a Bad Woman, sexually speaking.

Good women, you should do well here, although some of these may seem a little unusual. The one about the hair, especially.

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