October 9th, 2020


Please, release me!

Detail from The Holy Family, 15th century.
Detail from The Holy Family, 15th century.

It's not just the catchy song title of an Engelbert Humperdink song, but it's how I feel with the countdown to the book release ticking down to 18 days! I am sincerely crossing my fingers that with delay after delay that the book will actually be released on October 27th- which is the latest date I've been given.

Everyone, cross everything you have! I've been working hard behind-the-scenes with photos, a new outfit, pre-making some social media posts using snippets from the book itself with great manuscript pictures and photos from my medieval herb garden, organising a Book Launch and planning a Book Event, and of course, more giveaways both online and at the Events!

More details to follow about those!


Medieval Woman Fashion

Obviously, if one is going to dress alluringly either hoping for sex or hoping to avoid sex, one needs to be aware of what makes a gal sexy in the medieval world.

Recently, I've made three barbette-and-fillet combinations. One plain linen with no frills. One linen with gathered frills on the fillet. One silk pleated frills on the fillet.

This makes me extremely early 14th century sexy. No, really! It does.

Being a sexy medieval woman required wearing the right headwear. Why not start with a barbette-and-fillet?
Being a sexy medieval woman required wearing the right headwear. Why not start with a barbette-and-fillet?

Legend has it that the barbette and fillet was brought into fashion by Queen Eleanor who, as she aged, was concerned with her sagging jawline and slightly crepey neck, and let's be honest, as a woman of a certain age, I feel a bit the same way. Eleanor decided that a band under her chin would conceal and elevate and give her a better and more comely profile. Clearly, this needed to be tested.

I give you my results- a BEFORE image of my side profile sans barbette, and my AFTER profile with barbette. I think you'll agree that it certainly works a treat. It's not a wrinkle remover or a facelift, yet if does lift the face a little. 

I also found that it helped keep my hairnet in place and had the added benefit of encouraging me to hold my head up higher, which lead to better posture and a more elegant profile.

So, there you have it. Whether Eleanor started it or whether she didn't, I don't know, but I can see why it caught on and find the look really works for me! If you're barbette-curious, I encourage you to try!

For more ways to be medieval-sexy, you know where to look!