October 25th, 2019


Book Updates!

Well, it's been an exciting time in the word of book-related things for me and my lovely team at Mango Publishing. Things are moving along at an exciting pace.

After a chat with my editor today, we are going to see if I can wrangle some pictures for the book. I will need to look at copyrights and sources and see if it's viable, but wouldn't it be exciting to have some pictures?

At this point, I'm thinking that as much as colour pics would be wonderful, black and white keeps the cost of the book down, and as a book buyer, I know this is something to be mindful about.

I also now have a release date which I will share soon! With a bit of luck, it will tie in with some major medieval events in my part of the world, which would be exciting!
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Making a difference

I know that you'll be happy to hear that even though trees die to make books, I have talked to my Mango Publishing people about paper options which are recycled or partly recycled. 

Of course, the e-books will eliminate the need for paper altogether, but every small effort to make a smaller ecological footprint helps. Greta Thunberg is right about one thing. If everyone does something, no matter how small, it makes a difference over all. 

Do something. Make a difference. Even a small one.

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Author photo

I've spend hours messing around trying to get a usable photo for official author page and book stuff. I think I have a winner... this is me on the bio page now (with make-up).

Don't I look different from medieval woman me?


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Rosalie's Medieval Woman website upgrades

The new home page for Rosalie's Medieval Woman
The new home page for Rosalie's Medieval Woman

I've spent a bit of time streamlining the look of the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women and Rosalie's Medieval Woman webpages and have launched new menus for a streamlined, easier main Rosalie's Medieval Woman website as well. There's a new facebook banner too. 

The iluminated manuscript commissioned from Tania Crossingham, internationally reknown illuminator and heraldic artist, for the cover fo the book echos the Manesse Codex image I have used as the brand image of the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women talks and appearances over the last seven years. The photo in the header is with much thanks to photographer David de Groot from Four Horsemen Photography. It matches the new facebook banner as  well for a more cohesive look. Over the next week I'll be putting the  new banner and navigation links over the entire site, but that will take  a few nights.

New banners and new menus! 

All  your sexy medieval woman things, but prettier!