September 17th, 2019


Book cover artwork finished!

final image_600h_original.jpgTania Crossingham from Tania Crossingham's School of Illumination has made something beautiful for me!

It's with the publisher now and hopefully the team will love it as much as I do and feel it fits their vision for my book! It is absolutely my vision. I would like this for the front cover!

Many of you will recognise the image but this version has the colours and fabrics I will be using in future projects. I am totally in love with this picture and I can't recommend Tania's work enough! It's the little pic I'm using on the banner of this page. It's from the Manesse Codex, only with fabrics and coverlet and colours of my choosing to match projects I have on the go!

The link to see it being made and the final art is here: