Where, oh where?

Many times I have been asked where, oh where does my information come from? 

Books. Like this one.

The Four Seasons of the House of Cerruti
The Four Seasons of the House of Cerruti

The Four Seasons of The House of Cerruti is one of several copies and translations of the Tacuinum Sanitatus, a medieval health handbook which speaks at great length about herbs, vegetables, fruits and their associated benefits and dangers. Many of these are those that we might use today in herbal medicine; herbs for headaches, astringents for skin and remedies for upset stomachs or lack of sleep.

Among these helpful suggestions, we find remedies for those issues of a more intimate and personal nature. Perhaps one is too lusty, or not nearly lusty enough. Perhaps a medieval woman is hoping to fall pregnant. Perhaps one might already be pregnant and be suffering from the side effects.

Either way, one can be sure that information which may or may not be helpful is carefully recorded in health handbooks like this one.

They make for rather fabulous reading. Just don't try them at home.


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