International Doggo Day!

That smile!
That smile!

It's International Dog Day!

Very often in medieval manuscripts, we see hunting dogs and greyhounds and quite often we see smaller hounds which look like whippets. Occasionally, we see noble ladies with their small, white fluffy dogs which are much like ours today!

It's not so often that we see these dogs; a little terrier-like which we see chasing rabbits but obviously a pampered pooch. Definitely, not a working dog. Never-the-less, this little doggo must have been a much-loved favourite to be especially included in this illuminated manuscript.

Medieval women were avid pet-keepers and often had small dogs, birds and cats along with the lesser-usual squirrels and monkeys.  I think the smile on this little dog says it all though. Totally knows its place in the word, and let me tell you, it's not the working class.


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