The Very Secret Surprise!

In more Behind-The-Scenes news, the Very Secret Surprise has been delivered, and I couldn't be happier! I am thrilled with the quality

The Very Secret Surprise will be included in your book purchase FREE along with a FREE  matching bookmark if you are supporting my local independent book store- Books@Stones, at Stones Corner in Brisbane. They will also be available at book signings there when we launch and wherever else I go!

I'm currently thinking how the Very Secret Surprise will work for those overseas who want one (you'll know who you are when you see it!) as I need to price postage to various countries and see what the demand is. 

Books@Stones is located at 360 Logan Road, Stones Corner. There website is here  but you can call them to reserve your copy of  The Very Secret Sex Lives Of Medieval Women on (07) 3394 4949.


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