Non-Launch Giveaway

All this could be yours!
All this could be yours!

This weekend marks the original Pre-Covid19 release date of the upcoming The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women, I have decided to do a giveaway competition!

As expected, the Abbey Medieval Festival 2020 could not go ahead and the launch and all the fun things have needed to be held over until the new release date of October. So many people have been wonderfully supporting about this and pre-ordered their copies that as a small token of my gratitude, I'm giving a fun package as a prize for a competition.

Simply guess the number of times that the word SECRET appears in the book, comment on THE ORIGINAL FACEBOOK POST and wait until the end of the festival weekend when the closest guess will be announced!

I'm truly thankful for all the kind comments and support I've been shown at this time when, in a perfect world, we would be launching and signing copies today.

Don't worry, though! There will be lots of competitions and some fun and games when the book is finally released in October. 


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