The Gilbert Collection

The Gilbert Collection, Private medieval artifact collection #thegilbertcollection
The Gilbert Collection, Private medieval artifact collection #thegilbertcollection

A big part of our modern life is research and study of the past to learn. Nothing teaches a person better than looking at old things, if they wish to reproduce copies of them to make new things. 

The Gilbert Collection is my personal study collection of medieval artifacts. Many of the pieces are low-grade, a few are museum quality and the rest are somewhere in between. Each piece, no matter how humble, is a fascinating window into the past. Whether it be decoration, a textile fragment which has survived 900 years, or a scrap of gilding- these things are a wealth of information about how these items may have looked when new, and provide much thought into the kind of dress accessories which a re-enactor or history presenter should or shouldn't be wearing in an effort to recreate an accurate picture of the past.

My whole collection is online with notes, comparisons to other similar items from the Portable Antiquities Scheme and books like the very excellent Pritchard & Egan, Dress Accessories in the Museum of London Series, weights and measurements of each piece at but now also on Instagram at #thegilbertcollection

An artifact every second day, each of them medieval dress accessories or household items. Details about the items are there, but for further notes, you'll need to visit the website.


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