This hiatus in journal posts...

... has been brought to you by Covid 19 and it's incredibly distracting side-effects of:

— Sewing medieval presents for friends!
— Had the nipple on my book cover CENSORED by Americans!
— Planting a medieval herb garden!
— Upending my entire stores looking for my St Birgitta's Cap!
— Not finding my St Birgitta's Cap!
— Zoom talk on Medieval Women & Literacy for the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology!
— A Virtual Medieval Gathering!
— Total update of notes on The Gilbert Collection website!
— Facebook! Making medieval Covid memes, obviously!
— Instagramming! @rosaliesmedievalwoman  @thegilbertcollection
— Still Having To Go To Work Anyway!

I'll be catching up with posts and pictures soon!

EDIT: I've gone back and filled the gaps with some of the things I've been doing, rendering this post totally unnecessary and somewhat redundant.


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