A Very Happy Easter

Christine de Pisan
Christine de Pisan

On the subject of lady writers, one of our medieval favourites has to be the amazing Christine de Pisan, seen here in a detail from an illumination dated 1364 — 1430, Self Portrait, Works Of Christine De Pisan. While Christine, a single mother (widowed) with children to raise, is best known for what we consider to be her feminist writings and her strong messages of morals for women, she was at first not the woman she blossomed into.

It is less known that Christine at first despised herself for being a women. She considered herself loathsome because many men held the view that women were vile creatures, and if that was the view of such a large number of learned men, how could it be wrong?

It is fortunate for women of the time that she had a lightbulb moment and decided that women had a lot to offer in their own unique ways and set about writing her treatises and her very famous "City of Ladies."

Christine is often seen in art in her trademark blue gown, wimple and fashionable horned headdress, but to me, she will always look like she is rocking a set of Easter Bunny ears underneath her veil.


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