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Live at the Virtual Medieval Gathering, Easter 2020
Live at the Virtual Medieval Gathering, Easter 2020

I am beyond excited that my talk which became the soon-to-be-released book, "The Very Secret Sex Lives Of Medieval Women" was so well received with over two thousand views in 48 hours. People were kind enough to leave comments, over 700 at this stage.

I am overwhelmed with responses, messages and giggles from people who now no longer will be asking for Special Sauce with anything they order for the rest of forever, and my neighbour who caught the talk assured me that she blushed a number of times throughout!

I had originally planned to take the talk down after the Virtual Medieval Gathering 2020 was over, but I think I will leave it up for a while longer since there have been a lot of shares and perhaps not everyone who intended is caught up yet. A huge shout out to the Australian Living History Federation President, Louise McNally, who made the whole thing come together and the other weekend presenters who joined me.

If you are curious, my talk is still online and can be seen here:


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