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The Very Secret Sex Talk LIVE at the Virtual Medieval Gathering 2020

This Easter Saturday, my talk which became my upcoming new release in July, will be a part of a series of presentations at the Virtual Medieval Gathering 2020. Over the course of the weekend,  you may enjoy a number of fantastic presentations on a range of medieval topics by Australian and overseas presenters.  All are online LIVE and all are free. This is the first time this presentation has been made online and accessible outside of Australia and the broadcast will remain on the event page for the entire weekend to assist catch up viewing.

To watch, simply join the Virtual Medieval Gathering Facebook Group. I will be talking for about 45 minutes commencing at 12 noon  AEST.

For those of you logging on:

  • Australia 12 noon.

  • UK 3am.

  • Western Europe 4am.

  • Eastern Europe 5am.

  • California 7pm.

  • New York 10pm.

Where you need to go:
I'd love to see you virtually there!


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