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It's Live!

Being very secret about anything is problematic at the best of times, especially if it's something exciting, but in the last few months, the whole world appears to be keenly dedicated to not only not keeping it's secrets secret, but actively sharing them online. Free access to online research is at an unprecedented high, and museums and galleries the world over are offering virtual tours from the safety of your very own Covid-19-free environment.

There are no secrets.

We have become sharers in a real effort to remain connected to those we love, the places we hold dear and the hobbies we take part in. Online tutorials, activities and virtual events have blossomed in a riot of information for those who suddenly find themselves at home and still hope to avoid the domestic chores they've been putting off for any extended period of time. Paint the back deck? But I've got a Virtual Walking Tour of Florence starting in five minutes! Put out that pile of ironing or sort the laundry cupboard? Why would I, when there's a really fascinating live tutorial covering step-by-step woad-dying processes in Finland which it is imperative I see. Today. It simply cannot wait a day longer.

If you're reading this, you quite likely have already seen the woad dying video and are waiting by your mailbox for your very own woad seeds to arrive. People I know literally are. I haven't ordered yet, but I must.

So here we are... sharing our secrets online and for free! Sparking our souls with the toasty glow of giggling with our socially distant friends and keeping our hearts connected. I hope you know where I'm going with this.

Online. The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women presentation is going live online.

Oh, yes. We're going there.

Stay tuned for more details soon.

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