Book Launch

I still have hopes that things may have calmed down a bit for small gathering like my book launch with my amazing local book shop Books@Stones, handily located at our Stones Corner in Brisbane. At this time, July 16th is still a way off and it's too early to make a decision.

I am probably more of a danger to others than they are to me, as my day job is in the Health Care Industry at a hospital in our capital city, so that needs to be considered also. Either way... I have a plan.

If I am completely unable to have a launch at the bookshop, I'm going to move it to work. Celebration treats and cake and freebies and a chance to win a book with the nurses, doctors and radiographers at work.  The Selfie Station may not get clearance by Infection Control, but at the very least, treats for our medical staff can go ahead! If things continue like this, they will be happy to have a small distraction, and I will still get to publicly thank the person I dedicated the book to who is a work colleague.

(it's okay, she doesn't read the blog.)


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