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Selfie Station Goes Virtual!

My celebratory plans for the book launch are being reconsidered with the current Covid-19 health restrictions and the cancellation of the festival I was launching it at. As a result, many of the activities will be moved online.

The Selfie Station will now be a Virtual Selfie Station allowing people the world over to play, and not just festival goers. It will be a huge amount if digital editing for me, but will be fun and worth it.

How will this work? The idea is that instead of sticking their actual head into the Selfie Station, people can stick their digital head in. At the official launch time, I will have 24 hours receiving pictures of people's own heads (they can send through fb messenger) and within minutes I will digitally add their face into the cover and load into the Virtual Selfie Station Album on facebook. I'll timestamp and add the country if people are agreeable. For example, 2am Maria, Germany.

People can then tag and share to their own timelines.

I'll have a 24 hour twitter feed for the duration so people can say hello if they like or just follow the thoughts of a 24 hour digital uploading. At  the end of the 24 hours, I'll finish up what I've received if I'm  behind, but I think it will be easy to keep up. I have great digital  skills. The great thing about a Virtual Selfie Station is that anyone over the world can participate. The 24 hour window allows for different time  zones to play along.

Also,  anyone visiting my house beforehand can have a Real Life Selfie Station photo taken and I'll save them up for the launch and load them right at the start into a second album. They can then tag and share. Some bearded men I know are already dying to do a pic, so that will be really funny!

Giveaways will be done via short facebook Live Events also.

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