Dressing for success!

Of course, it's one thing to be secret and sexy, but we all know that if we look great, we feel great too! Thinking about this, I'm making some early 14th century clothes to wear for events- think Luttrell Psalter and Bohun Psalter gowns with barbettes and aprons.

Luttrell Psalter folio166v.
Luttrell Psalter folio166v.

14th century aprons are a whole minefield with some people swearing smocking was a thing and others saying it wasn't. I've had a hearty conversation on Rosalie's Medieval Women facebook page, and my next project is making one of the Luttrell Psalter aprons from folio 166v with the pattern couched. I feel this one isn't smocked at all. Couching on an apron from the Bohun Psalter has successfully recreated the look and I feel that I might be onto something here.

I've had a little conversation with Sarah Thursfield, she of the Medieval Tailor's Assistant (a book I heartily recommend for the medieval historical costumer) and I'm looking forward to sharing these results with her as we both are on the same page about aprons and smocking.

Stand by.


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