Bushfire Fundraiser: A Crusader's Journey

In a time of disaster, many urban dwellers feel helpless. There is no practical way to assist with firies or injured wildlife or volunteering on the ground, though many would like to. The next best thing to being there is providing funds for those who are in the fire zones and those affected. The Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology is one of those places stepping up to help, and I am proud to step up along with them.

The museum is hosting a medieval feast this Saturday night, A Crusader's Journey, which is donating all the profits to the small town of Genoa who is greatly in need at this time. Staff and members of the re-enactment community are volunteering their time to help, while the Schola Cantorum of Brisbane will be providing short performances of Gregorian chanting to set the mood.

The culture of patronage and assisting the needy has a long history, and rich medieval women were well known for their financial aid and assisting the needy. As a modern medieval woman, it is my privilege and honour to stand with those on the night and do what small things I can to help make the feast a success.

I'm delighted to share the news that I shall be giving a short, ten-minute Medieval Lady Etiquette talk (because it's fairly certain the guests will have been sitting, walking and even talking to each other in a socially inappropriate way all night) and most exciting of all, towards the end of the night, a short reading from The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women, (my non-fiction book to be released on an unsuspecting world on July 14th, 2020.)

We can't physically be there, in the fire zones, helping out but every little thing we do here can help them.

A Crusader's  Journey
Saturday, February 8, 2020. 6pm - 10pm
The Abbey Hall, 1-36  Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology
Old Toorbul Point Road. Caboolture,  Queensland.               


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