Abbey Medieval Festival Launch

Illumination by Tania Crossingham
Illumination by Tania Crossingham

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology had their Official launch for the Abbey Medieval Festival 2020 and it was a wonderful wine and canapes affair. It featured the launch of Tania Crossingham’s Illuminated artwork and branding for 2020.

It was fantastic to catch up with so many faces I don’t get to see unless at events and was an opportunity to catch up with freinds, among them Edith Cuffe OAM (our beloved Museum CEO), Michael Strong (Museum Director and Senior Curator), James Sunter from L’Orphin, Blair Martin (Lord Herald and Something Else Entertainment), Damien Fegan (QLHF Secretary), Neda Lundy (Photographer from Four Horseman Photography and Festival Photos), Sister Hilda (one of my favourite nuns), Paul Garcia the beautiful Mim and other amazing staff from the Abbey Museum including Michelle Hanton OAM and Michael Guarino (Marketing and Sponsorship Manager.) It was great to catch up with Thomas (Lord Herald) and his delightful wife! Sir Justyn Webb was present although he was occupied with official duties and I didn’t get to catch up.  

The highlight, of course, was the unveiling of the commissioned Illuminated artwork for the Abbey Medieval Festival by internationally renowned Illuminationist and Heraldic Artist, Tania Crossingham, which was absolutely stunning! Tania also did the artwork for the cover of my book, and we have some wonderful things planned for the Abbey Medieval Festival which I shall speak of in a further post. I love this festival so much and I'm excited to be a part of it again this year!

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