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Meeting Books@Stones


Today I went into my local independent book store for a meet meet and greet and to gauge interest in stocking The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women book and having author signings. here's what happened.

Books@Stones is my local independent book shop which specialises in Australian authors and medical textbooks. I met with the owner Michael Weibler, who was extremely helpful walking me through some of the processes as a new author, and as a local one at that.

Books@Stones is happy to not only have The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women in stock, but offered to host the Official Book Launch and have signings and promotions afterwards. I am anticipating that Books@Stones be the bookshop in Brisbane which exclusively has the Book-and-Complimentary-Tasselled-Bookmark package as an extra incentive for people to support my local indie book shop.

The suggestion is for a small, intimate Invitation Only Launch which takes about 30 people with Champagne and cheese and a book reading etc. The polished wooden floors and raised dais is particularly suited to the Australian feel of our lifestyle and is a beautiful environment. I also learned that they have a small meeting room out the back which is news to me! Perhaps, as a future thing, Secret Medieval Lady things might take place there.

Books@Stones sometimes does a larger Event in conjunction with our local Café, Lady Marmalade which is an extremely popular and up market place with amazing staff and food. There is usually a small cover, which then includes the entertainment and a glass of champagne on arrival and a bar and food is available through the café (which pays their staff, of course!) Early discussions with a re-enactment group, have expressed interest in providing colour on the night in the way of several Noble Ladies and perhaps men in armour or soft kit who, in turn, can use the Event as a recruiting opportunity and social media cross-promotion. Lady Marmalade is an extremely well-known place and does a lot of social media with Instagram gorgeousness.

Of course, there’s the Stones Corner Festival which closes off the main strip at both ends, has a licensed area which runs for about half the street, markets and kid’s things, has live bands and turns into a place which is amazing! Books@Stones is located towards the main stage end of the street and would be a perfect opportunity for a book table outside the shop in the main strip in costume. #futurethings. Sadly, it’s in May so that won’t be until next year.

Meanwhile, you can find them here:

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