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I've always wanted to make a few little Rosalie's Medieval Woman things for myself and have experimented with a few bits and pieces.. a cute T-shirt for me and a canvas bag to carry books. This week one of the big printing places had an Up-To-40%-Off-Most-Things sale and I caught it in the last 12 hours.

As a result, I now have a few things on their way in the post, all with the illumination I use on my book cover and website and the words "NO TOUCHY-TOUCHY!" helpfully printed in red block letters! I ordered a few things because a couple of friends have said that if I ever did make things, might they have some too?

No touchy-touchy tote bag
No touchy-touchy tote bag

On their way:

— A few canvas tote bags in cream and black
— 10 ceramic mugs
— Business card size book covers with the chapters on the back
— Bookmarks with illuminated leaves and lady in bed

The bookmarks will have those silky tassels in a few colours; bright red, bright blue or pink. The business cards are for me to take when I'm doing talks or out and about and people express interest in the book, especially since it's still pre-orders and the medieval season starts before the book it out. The mugs are extremely limited because shipping them may make them far too expensive to sell, although I will perhaps do a pre-order and collect at Abbey Medieval Festival. The tote bags are one each for me and a medieval friend and three spare in case anyone else is desperately keen and I will probably not get more. 

I've already used the company for business cards, so I'm confident the quality of the printed paper products will be nice, but if I am the lest bit unhappy with the quality of the mugs and bags, they will not be going anywhere. 

Fingers crossed.

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