Mark your book!

I've always wanted to make a few little Rosalie's Medieval Woman things for myself and have experimented with a few bits and pieces.. a cute T-shirt for me and a canvas bag to carry books. This week one of the big printing places had an Up-To-40%-Off-Most-Things sale and I caught it in the last 12 hours.

As a result, I now have a few things on their way in the post, all with the illumination I use on my book cover and website and the words "NO TOUCHY-TOUCHY!" helpfully printed in red block letters! I ordered a few things because a couple of friends have said that if I ever did make things, might they have some too?

On their way:

— A few canvas tote bags in cream and black
— 10 ceramic mugs
— Business card size book covers with the chapters on the back
— Bookmarks with illuminated leaves and lady in bed

The bookmarks will have those silky tassels in a few colours; bright red, bright blue or pink. The business cards are for me to take when I'm doing talks or out and about and people express interest in the book, especially since it's still pre-orders and the medieval season starts before the book it out. The mugs are extremely limited because shipping them may make them far too expensive to sell, although I will perhaps do a pre-order and collect at Abbey Medieval Festival. The tote bags are one each for me and a medieval friend and three spare in case anyone else is desperately keen and I will probably not get more. 

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It had to happen! I'm actually using
it. @rosaliesmedievalwoman is up and running on Instagram and I'll be posting things different to facebook so I don't get boring. It's all medieval, though!
Except for the the test photo of my kitty,
but she's so pretty, she can stay

Audio book

Exciting news for lovers of audio books! The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women will be released as an audio book and the narrative will be read by Cat Gould from the Tantor Media House. 

Cat is an Australian, so her pronunciation should be the same as mine, which is certainly a bonus.

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Xmas things!

Well, it's not medieval, but this week I wrote and illustrated a book for my grandson for Xmas which is all about him. The pictures of him and his family match real life things in their house and the clothes and toys that he has. I can't wait to give it to him!



Now, I'm not promising anything, and it's certainly far from being a decision, but, depending on a number of things, maybe... really maybe.. the book might have some colour pictures!  

Of course, that will make it more expensive to produce, so I don't know. I'm just excited to have some pictures in it at all. Even black and white ones will be nice.

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Book Cover Update

Well gosh it seems like this is an ongoing saga, but you'll be excited as I am to hear that I think we have a cover for the Very Secret Sex Lives Of Medieval Women which the Publisher and I can both live with. 

Stay tuned.

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Behind the Scenes

A lot goes on for an author behind the scenes which the book-loving public rarely think about! I face the exciting challenge of having my book published in another country, which gives the issue of not being able to just drive to the publisher and pick up cartons of books to take to events or talks. 

Oh, no. They need to ship internationally to me before I can do that. And the publisher doesn't pay for that, I do.

We all know shipping of books from USA is not a  cheap thing. And being a new author, I really have no idea how many books I should be taking to places like the Abbey Medieval Festival or other events. 

So up front I get to:

- buy the books at cost (not cheap)
- pay for the cartons shipping to Australia (not cheap)
- pay for postage for anyone who wants a signed copy (add $7.50 in AU)

 A few people are saying they want a signed copy at Abbey, but whether  they actually turn up with money or do the "I'll get one later" thing, I won't know. I'm looking at a pre-order where they can pay beforehand and collect at the event. And quite frankly, I don't know what amount of books I should be  taking. Site fees need to be paid for. I still need to get  Exhibitors Insurance as well which will cover me for a year of selling  books at places as my re-enactor insurance won't cover me. 

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Book Depository!

I've just been alerted to the fact that you can, in fact, pre-order the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women right now on the Book Depository (which has free shipping!) It says the release date is July 30th, 2020 while I believe it will be available through Amazon on the July 14th, 2020, but if you don't mind waiting a week.. well, free shipping is great! It's also the special pre-order price as well!


If you're coming to the Abbey Medieval Festival 2020, I will have books with me if you'd like to collect in person. I might organise some kind of pre-order myself there in case I don't have many with me and someone misses out! I really have no clue how many to bring to Abbey. This is all very new and exciting!

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